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Untangle Your Holiday

As this wonderful season gets into full swing it can reveal all sorts of unexpected surprises. While many special gifts and memories are on the way, this time of year can also reveal clutter you haven’t seen for some time. All types of unused and forgotten items can be discovered as you pull out decorations and prepare your space for parties. Extra serving dishes, unused ornaments, never opened gifts, and winter clothes you no longer wear are just some of the space-stealing clutter that can make an unwanted appearance.

To help inspire you to untangle your holiday, here are some ideas to declutter and organize around pain points this holiday season. 

1. Donate Unused Items

Has it been 3-6 months since you used a dish or serving platter? Does that good winter coat just not fit your style any longer? Do you have decorations you don’t put out any more? If so then it is time to consider passing it along to someone who would love them. The kitchen can be an especially cluttered place in your home. We often have great plans to use that bread maker, cook book, or salad spinner but right now it is taking up valuable space and contributing to the chaos. So keep an open eye for unused items that could bless someone else this holiday.

2. Banish Broken

Are you the type to hold onto a cracked ornament or figurine hoping it could be repaired? Do you have a set of dishes or decorations that remain unused due to too many missing pieces? We all hate parting with sentimental items, but think how much tranquility from decluttering brings this year and for holidays to come. No longer having to dig through endless knick knacks to get to what you love most, not to mention extra space! 

3. Strategically Relocate

Have you ever pulled out an item from a closet or drawer and wondered why it was there only to put it right back? Think about putting frequently used pieces in easy to get to locations. Dishes and cups can be stored close to the dishwasher so unloading goes faster. Items that don’t get used often can go on the top shelves. Gift wrapping supplies can be gathered and stored together in a place where you can bundle up your packages. Loose pens, screws, tape, and more can be better located where you need them most. 

4. Pantry Planning

It is so easy to miss what you have and what you need in the most cluttered places in the kitchen. Grouping and zoning spaces are key to success with similar items like spices, canned food, pastas, etc. Tiered or stair shelves can help keep labels on cans and bottles visible in a quick scan. Smaller, similar pieces can be grouped in labeled containers that are shallow for easy finding. Stackable, clear containers are a huge help in seeing ingredients and smaller items. Hanging racks for larger utensils can be hung inside cabinets to keep them out of drawers. These are just a few of the many opportunities to streamline the kitchen and bring order to the chaos. 

Hopefully these tips inspire and spark a few ideas to help bring peace to your home this wonderful season. It can seem like a big task, but don’t lose hope! Find the method that works best for you. For some people taking on a room at a time can create a sense of progress as they get bigger sections of work done at one time. Whereas others prefer to work on smaller projects. No matter your preference it is so helpful to have a plan and prioritize. A checklist can create a sense of accomplishment. Each item organized or donation given away is one step toward a more peaceful and clutter-free holiday season this year and for many more to come! 

As always Brogley’s would love to help with your projects, so please contact us today for your relocation and decluttering needs. 

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