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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their goals based on their needs and wishes by providing customized assistance. We understand the overwhelming demands of time and stress that can come with life changes. With two decades professional experience, a proven method involving thoughtful collaboration, active listening and creative planning we will guide you through a seamless transition to a new life.

From the first phone call to the last detail, we will be there providing our clients with integrity, discretion, sensitivity, respect, understanding, and confidentiality.


Privacy is maintained through following the strictest ethics, conduct, policies, and procedures regarding your property, family dynamics, finances, personal habits, any and all personal information or details of services for which we are hired. Photographs taken for documentation are used only with the clients’ written permission. Whether we manage the project in whole or in part, we remain steadfast in our ethical standards and practices to ensure that your privacy is protected and never compromised. Brogely’s is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our Mission
Code of Ethics

Our Team


Elizabeth Pitcher

Elizabeth gained personal insight in 1982 while organizing and clearing her father’s estate and in 1993 when clearing her grandfather’s estate. More recently and under extreme adverse conditions, Elizabeth worked tirelessly in a massive clean-up effort in homes on the Gulf Coast that were ravaged by hurricane Katrina.In Houston, Texas, her services were retained to clear, clean and prepare a rental house (used as a Methadone drug lab) for sale. In 2008 while clearing an estate in Fort Worth, Texas, Elizabeth was called to Houston and Galveston, Texas, to organize and clear estates due to hurricane Ike. Elizabeth draws on these experiences to manage multiple projects effectively and efficiently, professionally, and compassionately assist individuals in achieving their goals, helping them move forward in a calm, organized manner, providing a “seamless as possible” transition.



Jenni Albertini

Jenni is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She spent her formative years in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Upon graduation from Auburn University, she worked as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines and has worked in Special Education. While traveling she met her husband Dave in Arizona, and they now live in New Jersey. Jenni and Dave have two beautiful boys that keep them active. All of her experiences, travels and relocating has provided her with a passion to help others downsize, declutter and organize so they can enjoy the true treasures of life. ​

Heather Craig_edited.jpg

Heather Craig

Heather is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio. Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, she moved to San Antonio in 2000 and has been here ever since. Heather's husband, Jac, was raised in Austin and has also embraced San Antonio as home. They enjoy raising their son in such a supportive, growing community. Recently, and over, the past 17 years, Heather was a Special Education teacher. It is this experience that has given her the ability to organize, declutter and relocate. Packing up and moving classrooms are a real challenge…It is also this experience that has given her the ability to help all people regardless of their situation and their individual circumstances.
    Heather enjoys volunteering for Special Olympics of Texas, The Autism Network and the Texas Biomedical Forum as well as her son's school. Heather’s passion for helping every person find and reach their full potential.

Our Team
Doug teDuits.jpg

Doug teDuits, Ed D, CPC

Doug’s career, as a former university professor and human resources professional has expanded the gamete of education, training, consulting, advising, and coaching. He is a certified professional life coach (CPC) with an emphasis of assisting those who are dealing with clutter/hoarding issues.Additionally, Doug can help the challenges of life’s many transitions, whether it be downsizing, estate management, loss of a loved one, or balancing a career change… Doug is here for you.

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