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Donating Holiday Decor

Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to the holiday season ~ it's officially here! As you prepare to slice up that turkey just hours from now, we know that all kinds of decor is about to 'deck the halls' in your lovely homes. While you are planning celebrations and feasts with your loved ones, we want to encourage you in an amazing opportunity: clearing unused holiday items and giving to families in need this holiday season. Right now, today, you can be part of contributing to someone else's holiday, and helping create a memorable season for someone less fortunate.

As you begin to unpack and arrange your festive decor around the home, it might be the perfect time to clean out and donate the stuff you don't want or need anymore. What about the accumulated items taking up space in your attic? Perhaps you have one too many wreaths? Did your style change since you last purchased that new set of Christmas dishes or linens?

There are local charities and non profits who will gladly accept your gently used decorations and more. At Brogley's, we love to think about giving back as we encourage our clients and friends to downsize. Why not add your own cheer in this endeavor? Here are some ways you might consider giving.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Is there a tree you have in good working order but it just doesn't fit in your space anymore? Or, perhaps, you have rearranged your living room and now you need a different size? There is a home or non profit out there that would truly love to have your trees to celebrate this season.

Christmas Lights

Many people plan for new lighting options yearly since there are always new styles and technologies coming available. Why not pass along your gently used working lights as a perfect gift to brighten someone else's holiday?

Ornaments & Wallhangings

Ornaments are often left in the box and never used. Do you have too many to fit your tree this year? Is there a wall hanging that you've run out of space to hang? Your unused ornaments, wall hangings, etc. may be that perfect fit for someone else's decor. Why not donate today?

Yard Decorations

Are you having second thoughts about that giant inflatable Santa? Did the musically-synchronized outdoor lights prove to be more trouble than they are worth? These items can take up a lot of space in your garage or shed.There is quite possibly another family out there that would love to have these options for decorating.

Centerpieces, Linens, & Dishes

There is nothing more inviting than a table prepared with a warm centerpiece, beautiful linens, and lovely dishes to host your guests. Might you have an extra centerpiece, gently used or unused sets of dishes, tablecloths and/or napkins packed away that you would consider passing along for someone else? There are also recycling options for textiles that would gladly take your used linens.

These are just a few ideas to help you think more about clearing up your space, bringing joy to others this holiday season, and helping create a healthier environment. Please be on the watch for an upcoming email with a list of local charities, non profits helping those in need, and recycling services in the DMV area. Please sign up here to be included in our email updates.

As always the Brogley's team is here to help you sort, declutter and arrange for donation drop off or pickup. Please contact us today, and let us help you streamline a plan to make this season of giving helpful for everyone.

Blessings to each of you this holiday season,

The Brogley Team

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