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Decluttering. Part Two!

Hello, friends, and welcome back to Brogley’s blog! We are really excited you have joined us today for Part Two of our series on Decluttering Before A Big Move. Part One can be found here. We hope that these small, strategic tips help you continue to gain momentum around your home and clean up those cluttered places.

Let's recap a minute, and then we will move on to a couple of more tips.

One issue we find is that burnout can easily set in right as you are starting on a decluttering project, especially if you have a lot to sort through.

So, we found the importance of working in smaller sections of larger projects. Working from a master task list is vital, but it should be broken down into bite-size, doable, daily tasks. We have also found that taking a break in the process, grabbing a cup of joe, or simply resting helps us regain lost momentum. These small but crucial strategies help navigate past potential burnout fiascos and accomplish real goals!

Our steps are:

  1. Sort

  2. Decide

  3. Purge

Let's talk further on this....these three steps are meant to be a roadmap to help you eliminate and clean up your space, but honestly we know how easy it can be to get hung up in any of these.


​Sorting your items into smaller piles first will help you make decisions and purge. I gave you a personal example in our last blog of clearing out my own space by sorting items into piles based on 4 things:

Pile 1: Keeping.

Pile 2: Selling.

Pile 3: Trashing.

Pile 4: Donating.

Sort your daily project into these piles. You are making the decisions as you sort. Then resolve to 'purge' (sell, trash, or donate) the piles as you have labeled them.


Deciding what to purge may be the hardest step. Let's face it, deciding what needs to go can be tough! So, the key is finding ways to help you personally say yes to discarding the excess and completing the task.

Asking for a friend's help is never a bad idea when indecision sets in. Realize that you will need someone who is on board with your decluttering agenda, and who can work fast to help you get through those overwhelming piles. It may take you awhile on your own to determine what items go in what pile, and that's ok, but getting a friend to jumpstart the process can motivate you to finish it quicker. I found myself asking friends for advice and it helps me think realistically about my clutter.

Everyone is different, so the key is finding those aids that works best for you so that you can declutter effectively.


For your donation piles, it is recommended that you contact shelters and or thrift stores for drop off times. Also make sure that your items are suitable and desired for these places before planning your delivery. You don't want to carry bags around in your car for want them gone!

Wrapping Up

Some simple encouragement that may help you keep going should you get stuck is:

Remember the amount of space you have, then think about how much better you will feel when you've created more space by getting rid of the excess!

Simple reminders like this can go along way to help you maintain a fresh perspective! Put up physical, positive notes around your home if you need to. Such as:"Getting rid of ONE thing today will enable more room tomorrow!"

We hope these small tidbits have helped you begin to tackle those cluttered places in your home and make efforts for change. Though they may seem small or obvious, these small tips can actually yield big results, so try it!

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we actually walk you through a real move with Brogley's ---

Happy Decluttering, Friends!

The Brogley Team

*Brogley's is an organization and decluttering company! We specialize in helping you make the right decisions in the downsizing process. Our professional services are guaranteed to help you complete any project, no matter the size. Visit to find out more information about our services.

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