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The KonMari Method: Yay or Nay?

January’s National Organization month started with a bang when the Netflix original “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” was released. She won her way into everyone’s hearts and homes with just the first episode. The most popular question for the new year has to be “But does it spark joy?!”

Brogley’s question is: Does the Marie Kondo Method work for everyone? As organizers, we like a good list. They organize your thoughts in a way that is clear, concise and almost tangible. So, let’s make a list of what we like and what we would change in the KonMari method. What we like about the Marie Kondo Method

1. The idea of an item “Sparking Joy” is great because it draws attention to a person’s mental well-being.

In the organization industry, we deal very seriously with people’s feelings toward material items. These feelings should not be minimized. Marie Kondo’s sparking joy method pays respect to the person’s feelings about the items that have helped to shape their story.

2. The motivation it has injected into the public to get organized!

Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was released in 2014. It caused some buzz but nothing like the release of her show in 2019. And now look how far we have come! Libraries and clothes donation centers are filled to the brim to the point of turning away donations. These items will go to a new home to be appreciated rather than exist in a home solely as a dust collector.

3. Removing all items from their homes and placing them in a pile helps a person to see the amount of items they actually have.

Sometimes it can be hard to grasp the amount of stuff you have. It’s all tucked away in a closet or drawer, probably not efficiently. These piles tend to shock people - maybe they need to be shocked in order to make a change! What Brogley’s would change about the Marie Kondo Method

1. Organization and storage products help to maintain the order

The Marie Kondo method shys away from most store bought

storage products. She believes that these types of storage products are actually imposters that give off the illusion that your clutter problems have been solved. Brogley’s believes that you should choose the organization method that works for you and motivates you to maintain the order. If you are content with a shoebox to house your spices and you are able to maintain their organization, so be it! But if you prefer a store bought lazy susan or clear storage bin because it is aesthetically pleasing and makes you want to stay organized, do that! It’s not about the rules but rather what works for you.

2. The idea of an item lacking a spark of joy may be taken a bit too literally.

We all have things that may not make us smile, but we NEED them. Cleaning products, tools, medicines, extras for visiting guests. In the tizzy of an organization overhaul, one might toss things that they do actually need. They may not be needed on an everyday basis, but they are still definitely needed. Brogley’s believes that you need to slow it down and actually ponder how and when you use an item. Don’t get caught up and make hasty decisions!

3. Maintaining an organized home is just as important as the ​

​initial cleanout.

The Marie Kondo method only focuses on step one. But what happens next? There are no clear parameters on organization maintenance. It is implied that once you have everything in its place, all of your organization woes will disappear. Brogley’s believes that organization systems are imperative in maintaining your newly decluttered home. Make rules for yourself. If you purchase a sweater, another sweater in your closet must go. Or if your children come home day after day from school with new art pieces, each child must put their art into the boxes labeled with their names. These types of rules or systems will help you to preserve the organization of your home. All in all, whatever method you use to get organized should work for you. Don’t get caught up in the rules and regulations of any one method if only one or two aspects of that method apply to your situation. Tailor your process and systems to your needs! If you need help, Brogley’s is just one call away! We would love to help you with a complimentary consultation. You can reach us here.

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