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Simple Organizing Tips

"Only Handle It Once" (OHIO)

- Deal with finding a home for objects as soon as they come into the house.

- Do not store items you plan on making a decision about later.

- While organizing make a decision about an object once and stick with it. - Do not retrieve items from the trash or donation pile when you begin to second guess yourself. Simplify decision making - Limit choices (Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash) - Make clear decision rules for each choice. (keep 10 hole-free plastic bags, throw away dirty bags, recycle remaining bags)

- Use broad categories for these rules instead of many specific ones, ("gift wrap items" instead of paper, lace ribbons, small, medium & large bows). Organize and file systematically - Place like things together in a designated place. (grain products in one cabinet, bottled and canned goods in another) - Use broad label headings when filing. (house, cars, medical, insurance, job, education). - File only important papers. Buy and keep "just enough" - Desired items will be on sale again. - If you run out, it is not a disaster. - Discard items you do not use anymore.

- Do not fill space because you have it.

Focus on functionality - Select a manageable target area to organize that you can complete in one day. - "Excavate" the target area by sorting into your broad categories.

- Organize the objects that remain systematically. - Use the area only for its intended purpose.

- Maintain the clear area.

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