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September and New Beginnings!

While so many are bemoaning the fact that summer is coming to an end, here at Brogley’s we are excited about the new beginnings that the month of September brings. No matter how long we’ve been out of school, September always feels like the start of a brand new year. Families put routines back in place, enforce bedtimes and pack lunches. People clear out clutter, re-focus on work, and vow to plan/cook healthier meals.

It’s like the new January! Forget those New Year’s resolutions, September marks a new beginning in how we live, what we buy, and what goals we set. As things fall into familiar routines it’s much easier to follow exercise regimens, complete projects and get organized. So, September goals, objectives and promises can be much easier to accomplish and follow through on.

The change in the weather brings a new attitude. De-cluttering can be easier!

Lazy-hazy days of summer drift away and motivation pours back into our lives. September is a perfect time to gather and give away all those toys strewn about the yard, to put away the dirty gardening tools, to clear out the garage in preparation for winter, and establish dedicated work/study areas indoors as an integral part in helping us and our children be successful in the cooler months ahead.

So, here are a few organization ideas to kick off a successful season:

1. Wipe-off Wall Calendar

A great way to organize your household is to start with a consolidated calendar. With a wipe-off calendar you can use easily add and doctor appointments, event reminders, chore charts, grocery lists, etc. A great location could be the refrigerator with a magnetic calendar. Or a wall-hanging version could go near a common spot that family members see often. Make sure it is easily seen and that changes or additions are added immediately so they aren’t forgotten.

2. Family File Folder

Paper is often the most common clutter in our lives--when we look for that one receipt or form to sign, it is often nowhere to be found! A great way to stay on top of the paper piles is to have a folder box or bin that you can add things to as they come. Some people simply file the papers by person or activity, especially those with kids. You can even place the folders in easy access for each family member. With this method, that report card, purchase receipts, coupons, new recipes, and event invitations can quickly be filed for the month.

3. Entrance/Exit Storage

How often do we find ourselves scrambling to find those keys, library books, bags, or simply keeping up with shoes? A great way to keep track of these is to organize them near the front door. Don't be afraid to think big or small, depending on what works for you. A simple key and coat hooks can be a game changer. Storage cubbies or bins work well to keep up with those library books, borrowed items, movie rentals, etc. Storage benches are an excellent way to hide away items while providing a nice spot for your family to change shoes, and a reminder to store them there.

4. Homework/Project Area

Both adults and kids can benefit from a spot specifically created to complete work at home. Consider creating a customized work space with writing supplies, paper, calculator, stapler, shelves for bags and books, maybe that plastic pocket folder for the kids to store report cards and papers for parents to sign, file, etc. Have fun making it your own for you and your family!

While summer is a time to relax with friends and family and take some time for ourselves, fall can provide us an opportunity to start over, recharge and ready for action and success. Instead of looking at fall as the end of summer’s sweet freedom and bliss, we at Brogley’s look at it as an opportunity to get organized, re-focus and prepare for a better, more successful year ahead. We hope you will, too!

May you be encouraged and motivated to make this season of new beginnings the best yet!

The Brogley's Team

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