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Reclaim Your Closet

Every bedroom has one, they come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them need to be reorganized. Closets often harbor fashion relics that are decades old and have shoes falling off of crowded shelves. A closet is intended to be a palace, elegantly displaying its contents, and inspiring anyone that walks through its doors. Below are tips on how to transform a closet in disarray into an organized peaceful space that makes starting the day hassle free and exciting.

Maximize The Space

Many closets become disorganized due to space limitations. Traditional closet layouts often waste large amounts of space that can be utilized by adding or customizing shelves, racks, and containers. Here are a few steps to assess your closets full potential.

Before making any physical changes to your closet donate and throw away all unwanted items.

  • Make a rough sketch of your closet on a piece of paper and identify where different type of garments and accessories are located. Take note of how the contents currently fit.

  • Decide how extra space will be utilized. (shoes, dresses, jewelry, belts, etc.)

  • Take measurements of the shelves and clothing rods.

  • Identify the areas that can easily be modified to gain functional space.

  • Find the appropriate storage solutions. (A second level of clothing rods, Slanted shoe racks, Stackable containers for loose garments)

  • Make the modifications and implement the storage solutions.

Rotating Seasonal Closet Inventory

Rotating the contents of your closet is both a necessary and daunting task. Here are some quick tips for simplifying the transition.

  • Buy plastic containers that have interchangeable labels.

  • Make room for these containers in a secondary closet or beneath the bed, NOT in the attic or a storage unit.

  • Only fill these containers with seasonal specific clothing and change the label when you make the transition.

  • Always have two outfits for the upcoming season out of storage. Doing this gives you options during unusual weather patterns and helps make the transition less jarring.

Closet Innovations

If you love keeping up with the latest storage and organizational technology you are going to love these futuristic closet accessories.

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