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How Brogley's Is A Concierge Service

What do we mean by "Concierge Services?"

You may have noticed that we often describe Brogley's as an estate organization and relocation company, offering concierge services. Perhaps the term "concierge" is new to you, or it might bring to mind a hotel service that involves an attendant assisting guests with various errand running, making reservations, setting up tours, etc. We are similar in that we offer a plethora of services tailored to meet client needs. We are different in that our version is tailored around estate organization, move management and all services to help families manage their estates, both large and small. We sum up concierge services as simply the extras, those specialized services designed to fit your unique circumstances.

What sets us apart from other move management companies?

Brogley's goes far beyond what you might expect from other services and we are flexible to meet whatever challenges might come up. Rather than simply fitting you into a standard formula or system, we tailor our services to your specific needs before, during and after an organization project or move. It is through empathetic listening and attention to the smallest detail that we are able to design a plan and follow it through to completion to meet your goals and exceed expectations.

How do concierge services work with Brogley's?

When we meet with clients, we take their specific situation and various needs into account. We offer a concise plan of action that will effectively create positive change and efficiency immediately, with a goal to relieve strain and stress. With a plan in place we get to work but remain flexible to adapt to needs as they occur. So, no matter where we are in the process, we remain ready to meet any challenge.

What sort of things have we done for our clients?

Some of the extra services we have provided:​​

  • Inventoried and arranged appraisals of collections

  • Purchased and implemented specific organizational systems

  • Coordinated charter flights for relocation

  • Purchased flowers and groceries for clients returning home from holiday​​

  • Arranged launch or grand opening events

  • Mailed or shipped items left behind

And much, much more!

Brogley's is here for you!

Our core values begin with a heart of service. We understand the myriad of tasks and the emotional stress involved for families when managing a move. Whether the move is due to a job change, retirement, down/right sizing, the loss of a loved one, an illness or any other situation, Brogley’s can help! No matter the challenge you are facing, Brogley’s is here for you.

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