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Hoarding? Brogley's Can Help!

Hello, and welcome to the blog at Brogely’s! We are so happy that you stopped by and hope that today's conversation is both helpful and informative. We are discussing the signs and issues surrounding hoarding, as well as the process of how Brogley's can help individuals who find themselves in this situation.

Behavior Symptoms

The ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) lists the following behavior symptoms of a hoarder:

  • Inability to throw away possessions

  • Severe anxiety when attempting to discard items

  • Great difficulty categorizing or organizing possessions

  • Indecision about what to keep or where to put things

  • Distress, such as feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed by possessions

  • Suspicion of other people touching items

  • Obsessive thoughts and actions: fear of running out of an item or of needing it in the future; checking the trash for accidentally discarded objects

  • Functional impairments, including loss of living space, social isolation, family or marital discord, financial difficulties, health hazards

Do any of these symptoms describe you or a loved one? If so, you are not alone. A huge number of people struggle with some form of hoarding and there is hope and healing for every situation. Brogely’s is committed to bridging that hope and support in your journey to a free and fulfilling life.

How Can Brogley's Help?

First, the goal in coming alongside you is to bring care, compassion, and support that will in return give you the ability to improve your situation. A common struggle for the hoarder is an overwhelming feeling of isolation and lack of hope for change. At Brogley’s, we want to help you carry this burden and show you that change is very possible. You can experience freedom and a more fulfilling life, and we want to help you believe that.

Second, while helping you maintain the most valuable possessions for your space, we carefully assist you in organizing a game plan to minimize the excess. Most hoarders struggle to let go of enormous amounts of things because they are attached to them. Upon realizing a need for a better and more efficient lifestyle, with careful guidance and support they can begin working through emotions connected to the stuff that is hindering a peaceful home life. Dealing with the reality that life is often hampered by the overload of material mass, they are more willing to comply with elimination efforts to take back their life.

Third, we need to clarify that we are strictly an organizing and relocation service, and that we DO NOT provide medical services for hoarding syndrome. We do, however, have a list of resources to connect you to professional help should that be needed. Often, the first step to changing a hoarding situation is to find support. Sometimes psychological help is that first step. Our goal will always be to point you in the right direction for real and lasting change.

Our Process

When contacting us for services, we will provide you a consult at no charge that will take place in your home. This is so we can properly assess your items and begin to design a game plan toward purging your home of unwanted items. During this visit, with compassion we will thoroughly discuss your situation and help you with additional resources that may be necessary. We then formulate an estimate for services based on your needs. This estimate includes the number of workers and days needed to execute the plan, as well as potential costs that may be involved. Our team will present this information to you in an email shortly after.

After you have decided to enlist our services, we will book your job based on your convenience, and our availability. The process of elimination is handled in a respectful way, with non-judgmental staff to undertake the removal of unwanted excess. No matter the size of the job, we will work efficiently, but also at your pace. We understand that these jobs take time, and we have handled clean outs that last from one day and up to three months. Should you decide to not use Brogley’s hoarding service, we will still gladly point you in the right direction with helpful resources. Our goal is to provide you with hopeful and helpful solutions for your situation.

We hope this post has been helpful to you in addressing hoarding, and the hoarding relief services we provide. Please contact us today for further questions and inquiries. We look forward to serving you!

The Brogley Team

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