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A Season of Giving

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Friends!

Our goal for this blog is simply to encourage valuable ways for you to get rid of excess and right-size your space, but we also want to encourage ways to love others and to give to those less fortunate ~ and in this season of giving we find the perfect time to do just that!

The old saying,"it is more blessed to give than to receive"can be our mantra anytime of year, but for the holiday season it can take on a much deeper meaning. As you look back and celebrate the ways you have been blessed in 2018, how might you also look ahead and think of how to be a blessing to others in 2019?

Donating Instead of Decluttering.

Instead of thinking of this as another opportunity to declutter your space, though that is a wonderful habit to continue, think instead on this post as simple encouragement to donate and give to others.

We all have items around our home that we do not use or need. How might these be passed along for someone else's benefit? Getting ahead now means a more peace-filled season for you and your family, yes, but think more of how it will provide for someone else and theirs.

The Simple How.

An easy suggestion is to walk through your home with a list already in mind, looking for specific items to give away. Remember, no one wants useless 'junk,' so look for the gently used items to donate that would be both practical and valuable to receive.

Checkout local charities and shelters for needs & wish lists. You may need to rid your home of items that are already on someone's list!

Here are two places that have wish/need lists in the DMV area:

Involve your friends and family in the process.

There isn't a better way to teach your friends and family on the gift of giving to others than to include them in the actual endeavor. What a valuable lesson to pass along to others, and the next generation,"to love your neighbor as yourself!"

Make your home more functional and organized as you begin this new year, yes, but we hope you will find the greatest blessing in adding warmth, hope and happiness to others and their loved ones. May this season of giving find in you a desire to reach hearts and homes less fortunate, and may it be one of love, peace and great joy.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Giving!

The Brogley Team

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