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A Move With Brogley's

Hello, friends, and welcome back to the blog! Today we have a very special post on what the moving process looks like with Brogley's. Through a series of action photos, we want to continue to introduce what premier move management service looks like. As well as show you how our company can provide real hope and relief in the midst of any relocation. Even if you aren't moving currently, we want you to know that our services are top of the line; we hope to be the company you're looking for in the future.

First, let's start with breaking down the stages of Brogley's Move Management Process. Our mission is a smooth transition for every client. Part of this process is working in necessary stages so that we can efficiently and quickly expedite your move or relocation. Our process is simple, yet very effective and proven to work every time.

Stage 1: Consult & Contract

The first consult, at no cost to you, entails one of our lead managers visiting with you about the desires and details surrounding your move. Through questions we will figure out how best to help you. Once a high-level plan has been discussed we will walk through your house with you to determine which of your things will be making the move with you. We have a tagging system so that we are on the same page about these details. Pictures are also taken for reference so we can put things back the way you had them before your new home.

With the itemization determined, we coordinate with you a calendar for the move based on your needs and schedule. The final part of this stage will be talking you through the contract and discussing the prospective cost for the service. Service fees are very customized to your specific needs. With the details in place, we are ready for your move!

Stage 2: Pack & Removal

Referring to the tagging system we used at your consult, we will begin packing and sorting. Since we work with a variety of donation centers and trash services, we will make the necessary arrangements to have those items removed. Even though we work efficiently, when it comes to packing we know how irreplaceable your treasures are and so we treat your valuables with great care.

Stage 3: Move & Relocation

This is the big day that you've been waiting for! Brogley's works carefully to expedite this stage while adapting to your needs. Our concierge services are designed to help remove the burden and stress of this process. By the time moving day rolls around, we will have a strategic plan with all of the necessary parts that ensure this is a smooth transition. Whether you have your own movers or one that we have coordinated for you, we are on hand to make sure your items are loaded and organized according to your wishes.

Stage 4: Settle In & Staging

This stage goes hand in hand with the previous. As we oversee the transfer your items to your new location, we make sure every item has a home according to your plan. Whether it is hanging pictures or organizing a bookshelf or closet, we are not done until your new home feels like your very own.

We hope you've enjoyed this overview, and that is has helped when thinking about your current or future relocation needs.

Every move is different, so keep in mind that we will customize specifically to you. We are ready to serve you, so please contact us at the information link below for your first consult today.

We know what home feels like, and we are here for you!

The Brogley Team

To schedule your no cost consultation please visit our contact page:

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