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5 Gifts That Don’t Cost Money

With Valentine’s Day here we might be planning to buy boxes of chocolates or expensive gifts. However, wouldn't it be great to show the ones you love that you care while minimizing clutter and maximizing the relationship? Some of the most valuable ways we can care is found in investing in those we love in considerate and thoughtful ways --and this goes far beyond spending money. Today, we want to talk about some ideas to better connect with those closest to us. Love grows when we take interest in someone else and we get to know them through learning their interests and valuing their thoughts, dreams and ideas. Are you ready to get creative and enjoy growing closer to your loved ones?

Let's get started!

Create Availability. In order to get to know the special people in your life, creating time and space for them is a necessity. If we aren’t willing to create space in our schedules, how will we be able to stop long enough to relate and care for others? In fact, a huge key to showing genuine love to someone is letting them know you are willing to be inconvenienced by making space for them. So open up your calendar and start scheduling!

Get Face to Face. The art of relationship building is getting harder and harder, especially in our current culture where most of our communication happens online and rarely in person. As a result, our ability to listen, consider and respond has suffered. How can we change this? A good starting point is to put down the phone and communicate face to face with those you want to invest in. This lets you experience human to human connection, giving you an opportunity to help your relationships thrive in greater authenticity and depth.

Asking Questions. While this can be challenging at first, by taking small steps anyone can do this with great success. Look for an opportunity to create a comfortable environment for the simple exchange of questions about their likes, dislikes, dreams, favorite things, etc. This is great for all ages and a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones, and make them feel special and important. If you are struggling to think of questions, Pinterest has some wonderful lists already made to help keep conversations creative and fun.

Considering Needs. As you make yourself available to listen and ask questions, what are common needs that continue to come up in conversation? Are they burdened about a school paper or a work project. Are they anxious about a child or a friendship? Is it making decisions on a healthier lifestyle, or finding that better organizational routine in the home that is plaguing them? As you listen, make mental notes of ways you can relive and help them. Looking for ways to support them in their everyday struggles will be a wonderful way to communicate that you care about their success and wellbeing.

Sharing Time. Fostering deeper connections through shared experiences will become the most important gift, so find a meaningful activity to share. This could be a simple dinner at home, an adventurous hike outdoors, getting a good cup of coffee, playing a game, watching a lighthearted movie, etc. Tackling to do activities are a great way to connect, too, such as helping them clean out their messiest closet, or get a handle on taxes. These are just a few, simple ideas, but the list is endless and plenty more can be found online.

As you incorporate these simple ways to invest this weekend, why not keep it going all year long? At Brogley's, we believe that choosing to value those we love is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling adventures in this life. It is an investment worth more than anything. We wish you and your loved ones a special weekend of creative and fun connecting!

The Brogley's Team

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