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10 Signs You Might Need To Get Organized

1. Dishes Are Piled Higher Than The Sink

Mountains are beautiful but you do not need to have one in your kitchen. Reducing the number of dishes you have/use and keeping cabinets organized encourages washing and re-using instead of grabbing for a new dish every time.

2. Renting A Storage Unit

This decision should be taken very seriously. Before you rent a storage unit have a timeline and action plan for how you will get those items out of deep storage and cut the unnecessary expense.

3. Boxes Full Of Unpacked Items From The Move 2 Years Ago

If you have gotten by this long without these priceless items do you really need them? Take this opportunity to shed some pounds and donate unwanted goods to charity.

4. Cabinets That Wont Shut

Pushing hard on cabinet doors to make them shut is not a solution for overflowing spaces. Open the door and face the issue head on. Discard what is not truly necessary and bring order to what remains in the space.

5. A Scavenger Hunt To get Dressed Each Day

Scavenger hunts can be fun until they become part of your daily routine. When pulling a shirt out of the pile of clothes after only five minutes of searching is a success story it is time for a change. The time spent hanging and folding clothes immediately after washing and drying is significantly less than the time spent searching through and un-wrinkling a pile of clean clothes.

6. Eating On The Couch Because The Table Is Full

Eating in front of the tv or while lounging on a couch can be a refreshing change from the dinner table, but this should never be done out of necessity. If the contents of the table are not being actively used they should not be on the table.

7. A Bedroom That Is Turned Into A Closet

The nest is now empty and young Billy's room has become full of Items that used to go to the curb, a charity organization, or the attic. Having unused living space does not legitimize keeping items that would otherwise leave the home or properly be stored elsewhere.

8. A Nervous Breakdown At The Thought Of Having Visitors

Anxiety is not unusual when expecting guests but if this fear is crippling and can not be remedied by a quick home cleaning it is time to get organized and create systems that will keep the home tidy.

9. Unpaid Bills Because The Mail Disappears Into The Abyss

Miss-placing Aunt Martha's birthday card might be harmless but losing important correspondence can have serious negative consequences. Have a home for incoming mail and a simple filing system to make future retrieval easy.

10. Late To Work Due To Lost Keys

The boss might show mercy one time for this classic conundrum but becoming a repeat offender can leave someone looking for more than just their keys.

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