Managing a Life Change

A life change such as clearing a home or preparing an estate for eventual disbursement can be extremely emotional, difficult, and usually creates an atmosphere of strain and tension.

This situation may be brought about by any number of reasons:

  1. clearing and reclaiming the home due to unsafe conditions because of clutter or hoarding

  2. transitioning a family member from their home to an assisted-living facility

  3. the passing of a loved one or

  4. down-sizing of one’s possessions and assets.


It is common and understandable that people often do not know how or where to begin. During a time of drastic change, you need to be assured that all matters are handled with compassion, integrity, and sensitivity.We can accomplish these tasks for you.We will properly and accurately manage all details from completing tasks on schedule to resolving conflicts successfully, according to your specific needs and goals.At a time of major transition and with multiple goals in mind, many clients want assistance with the task of managing the numerous details involved in clearing an estate.

Our intention is to give our client peace of mind at a difficult time. We try to maximize the value of their personal property and redirect their reusable items to others in need. We ease the burden of tackling multiple details, such as collaborating with appraisers and auction houses, moving and storage companies, charities, cleaning, and trash removal services while keeping in mind conflicting schedules and agendas. By maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality and dignity for the family, we will address the task of organizing and disbursing the estate possessions and the unwanted items according to your wishes.

Our clients have often confided that the most important benefit of our service were their feelings of relief, comfort, and security in knowing their wishes were being met ethically and professionally. Many clients have also reiterated that because of our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standard, they have been protected from exposure and from being exploited at a time of personal vulnerability.

Image by Erda Estremera