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Dignified Hoarding Relief


Compulsive hoarding is a very complicated and debilitating condition that impacts approximately 2-6% of the population. It not only affects the person who may hoard, but also their families and surrounding community. It can lead to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. For these, and many other reasons, people may not seek out help, or they may not know where to turn. Let us at Brogley’s provide you the needed relief.

Brogley’s is an exclusive provider of Dignified Hoarding Relief. We work with the individual to tailor the clearing and cleaning process. While every plan is unique to the person, one thing that is not unique is the manner in which we provide dignity and service to the individual.

Brogley’s has the special ability to work closely with clients demonstrating sincere empathy for their situation. Using our proprietary method, we provide dignified hoarding solutions along with a confidential harm reduction approach including organization, relationship building and collaboration with government agencies, faith based organizations, individuals and families.

We provide:

  • Hoarding Relief

  • Organizational Assistance

  • Relocation

  • Downsizing and Clutter Removal

  • Donations and Consignment

  • After Care Plans

  • Post Relief Visits

  • Life Coaching

Do You Need Hoarding Relief Help?

Hoarding is more than chronic disorganization. While that is an aspect of a hoarding disorder, a person with a hoarding disorder can no longer use spaces as they were designed to be used. For instance, a person can no longer use their kitchen to prepare meals or sleep in their bedroom.

  1. Do you have trouble discarding items that others may see as have little or no value?

  2. Are you afraid about losing items or needing the items after you throw them out?

  3. Does throwing out items cause you distress/difficulty?

  4. Does your stuff make the rooms so cluttered that it is difficult to move freely around your rooms and/or makes it difficult to use the room for its intended purpose?

  5. Does throwing out items cause you distress?

  6. Do you feel anxious, embarrassed or depressed because of your clutter so much that you limit the number of people coming into your home?

  7. Does the clutter in your home make it unsafe for you to or others?


If you answered yes to multiple questions, you may struggle with hoarding related issues.  We might be able to assist you.

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